Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services
Boundary Rider
Grazier  Property  surveillance
Affordable aerial surveillance, day or night, for all property owners.
Boundary Rider
The problem:
Graziers are having to run larger numbers of cattle on larger properties to make their business viable in this economic climate.
The hard work of managing these properties, of being out in the field but also needing to be in the office, is making time management a real issue.
How does someone oversee large areas and yet remain central enough to manage the day to day issues that arise?
How can you be in two places at once?
I believe UAVS has the answer to such questions.
The Solution:
The problem of monitoring remote sites has been achieved by the military with the use of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for some years now, and has become commonplace technology.
But the military can spend a few million on each UAV, which is impractical (impossible) for us in the real world.
After considerable research into possible solutions, the best solution still came up as ‘on demand aerial surveillance’.
Imagine, if you will, being in the farmhouse/office, any time, day or night, and wanting to check the property.
On the veranda you have a comfortable chair, esky, and a video monitor setup, all the equipment you will need.
You pick up a small model aircraft (50” to 60” wingspan), switch it on, wait a few seconds until the quiet electric motor starts and then toss it into the air. The aircraft then flies its pre-programmed route, finishing back where it started.
You can relax into your comfy chair, open a cool drink, and watch the monitor for a full aerial view of your domain.
Cattle breaching a gate, should they be there?
Condition of fields, do I harvest or fertilise?
Are they my workers? Are they working?
The Technology:
What has changed is the ‘off the shelf’ availability of the radio and video technology to NOW enable us to provide a cost effective UAV solution for all businesses.
Using an Infra Red camera you can now check the boundary any time at night for those dreaded cattle ‘duffers’, night is no longer their shield.
The aircraft itself is a cheap off the shelf item, in fact you might want to have a couple of UAV’s to do the job quicker.
The possibilities and uses are endless, check dams, growing crops, find the cattle before sending the hired hands out, all at now affordable prices.
Contact UAVS for further information at info@uavs.com.au