Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle Services

Available in Orange and Clear

Convenient 450 size frame made from an indestructible plastic (even shotgun proof).

These have become popular with local Heli Musterers in Queensland for doing large yard close quarter mustering.

Boundary Rider
Aerial Survailance for Primary Producers

Cattle Muster Quads
Indestructible Quads for close quarter cattle mustering

FPV - Off the shelf First Person View systems

UAV/FPV Service -
Complete service and repair of UAV's and FPV Systems

CASA UAV Controller Certified.

Available in clear to enable large combinations of internal lighting.

These quads are very easy to make water resistant.

Available as a kit, or custom assembled.
With or without RC gear.

Enquire for more details.

  Contact :- Info@uavs.com.au for more details.