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Tethered Spray Drone

With a 60L tank capacity and up to 100m of travel
this spray drone was built to get at those difficult
or dangerous areas that have to be sprayed.
Complete with FPV camera for target accuracy.
Live HD image to any mobile device from controller.

Spray Drone

Modular Portable System

Each piece of the spray system is easy and quick to assemble ready for charging of the line and flight.
Reel and tank can be easily mounted in most vehicles.
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Mobile Friendly

The tank is designed for strapping to any vehicle for ease of portability.
Control, telemetry and video are integrated in a single unit.
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60L tank with HP pump

The tank is setup for reverse flushing to help in complying with Ag. regulations.
Can be easily filled while still running, and works from any 12V vehicle system.
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Solenoid operated spray boom

On-transmitter control of the spray solenoid to maximise volume yield.
Onboard camera for FPV target aquaition and aiming.
The option of tethered power for an indefinte flying time.
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