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The Battle Solo

This is what happens when you transplant the brains from one of the smartest drones made into an indestructible outer shell.
The 'Hiro' frame was originally built for drone combat.
UAVS has made many for the cattle industry to use in hearding.
But never, until now, with the brains of the 3DR Solo in them.
When UAVS was asked by property owners about something they could use to check the tanks and fences there were plenty of off the shelf options.
But they also wanted to move cattle around with the drone but no off the shelf drone can do that and stay in one piece.
Using the Solo brains we now have a HD video downlink to your mobile device, programmable flights, and many more options,  inside a frame that is not afraid to crash.


Clear or Orange

These special frames come in Clear or Orange.
The clear is good for when you want the drone highly illuminated.
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Ready to Fly

The controller binds via WiFi to most mobile devices.
Put the battery on the Quad and you are ready to fly.
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Full ground station on any mobile device

As this drone runs Ardupilot firmware there is a wide selection of ground stations that can run on any current mobile device or laptop.
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The patented plastic frame can survive the hardest of impacts.
Even a shotgun blast at 10m only leaves pellet marks in the frame.

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